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Chancey P. - Graphics and Marketing
5 (2,021)
Dentist Net saved me so much time, I was able to get in touch with exactly the right people!
Justin C. - Sales Director
4.85 (2,408)
A huge boost to our sales process, such great value!
Sarah T. - Small Business Owner
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Affordable, fast, easy to use. Exactly what we needed! Thanks so much!
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Frequently Asked Questions
How accurate is your data?
Our data is incredibly accurate. However, revisions to the data is constantly underway to make sure it is current and accurate. Many changes occur throughout any given year due to office relocation and changing phone numbers.
Where do you get your Chiropractor List marketing data?
We get our data at the source. While where we get our data is a trade secret, we guarantee that our data comes from multiple authorities on U.S. Dentists.
How often do you update your data?
As mentioned earlier, we are constantly updating and revising our data as known changes become available.
Do you charge more when you update your data?
No. Unlike our more expensive competitors, we do not charge more or raise our prices when we update the data.
How can I obtain a sample of your data?
While you are setting up your list, you can see an example of what the data will look like.
Can I share the data for public use?
As stated in our Terms of Use, you cannot make our data publicly available. You may use it in your company however you like. You can also use the database to return results for your customers. However, you may not make the database available for download to anyone outside of your company.
When and how do I obtain my data?
As soon as your order is processed, instructions will be emailed to you and the data will be available for you to download immediately.
What are the laws associated with marketing to these contacts?
The CAN-SPAM Act and the DNC Registry Act are laws that we expect our customers to be familiar with before using our data.
What format does your data come?
You can use our powerful online data management tools, or export the data to CSV.
Are you compliant with DNC laws?
Yes, our data is DNC compliant.
Consistent, Cheaper Prices
Without sacrificing quality
Our Powerful Chiropractor marketing list platform allows you to purchase nationwide data or create custom Chiropractor lists based upon geography. You can create lists based upon city or state. We now offer Dentist and Physician data lists as well. With us, you will never see price hikes or absurd pricing fees. Also, we have the lowest prices online! Why pay more for data that is of equal or lesser quality? Get your Chiropractor Lists and see the positive results today!
320,000+ Records
Comprehensive Marketing Data
Our data is complete. We offer 100,000+ Records of Chiropractor information. Rest assured that your reach will increase dramatically through our complete list.
Nationwide Package
Our Most Comprehensive Deal
You have the option to purchase the entire USA list of Chiropractors, over 110,000 records. Our USA Chiropractor List contains more records than our competitors and is less expensive. What a Deal!
Open CSV Format
Easy To Access & Use
Get going on the projects you really want to do. Our data and Chiropractor Lists come formatted to work with Excel, the world’s leading data analysis and manipulation program.

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